You’ve considered adding an accessory dwelling unit to increase your home’s value and usability. Kitchen design is crucial when optimizing an adu. An adu kitchen balances function and form within a compact footprint. Planning mindfully allows you to maximize storage, optimize workflow, and incorporate conveniences. This year’s top trends provide creative solutions to common adu kitchen challenges. Open shelving saves space while displaying decorative items. Appliances like microwaves with ventilation simplify cooking in a smaller kitchen. Movable kitchen islands offer flexible prep space and concealed storage. With strategic planning and clever design, your adu kitchen can be both beautiful and highly functional. The latest innovations in materials, appliances, and layouts make an adu kitchen more attainable than ever. Read on to explore this year’s top design ideas.

Why an ADU Kitchen Matters for Your Home

Adu Kitchen minimalist and modern design


An ADU kitchen allows you to utilize an existing structure on your property and transform it into a self-contained living space. By adding a kitchenette, you create a functional living area for guests, family members or as a source of rental income. A thoughtfully designed ADU kitchen provides all the necessities for comfortable living without requiring a full-scale renovation.


An ADU kitchen gives you flexibility in how you use your existing space. You can choose to utilize it as a guest suite for visiting family and friends, a rental unit to generate income, or as a space for an older child or relative. Because ADU kitchens are designed to serve basic needs, they provide flexibility in usage that can change over time based on your needs.

Added Value

Adding an ADU kitchen to your property increases the functionality and value of your home. Whether used for personal or rental purposes, an ADU kitchen makes the space more livable and provides economic value. For rental or resale purposes, an ADU kitchen is a desirable feature that can increase the return on your investment.


ADU kitchens are designed to be simple and streamlined. They provide the essentials for basic meal preparation and dining without requiring a full kitchen remodel. An ADU kitchenette is a simple solution for transforming existing space into a livable area without taking on an expensive, complicated renovation project. For many homeowners, the simplicity of an ADU kitchen is part of its appeal.

An ADU kitchen allows you to make the most of your available space in a simple, flexible and economic way. For many homeowners, an ADU kitchen is an ideal solution for creating a useful living area out of an existing structure. With some strategic planning, you can design an ADU kitchen to serve your needs for many years to come.

Clever Storage Solutions for Small ADU Kitchens

Clever Storage Solutions for Small ADU Kitchens - minimalist design

Maximise Wall Space

In a small ADU kitchen, it’s important to take advantage of all available space. Install shelves, racks, and magnetic boards on walls to store everything from pots and pans to knives, utensils and spices. Wall space is ideal for items you use frequently and want to keep within easy reach.

Under-Cabinet Storage

Another smart storage solution is to install racks, drawers and baskets under your cabinets and countertops. This utilises space that is often underutilised in many kitchens. Use this space to store larger items like platters, pots and pans or small appliances. Pull-out drawers are also useful for keeping items tucked away but still accessible.

Multi-Level Countertops

Incorporating countertops at two or three levels creates extra surface area for food preparation and storage in a small kitchen. A higher countertop level can be used for a microwave, coffeemaker or other small appliances. The space underneath is perfect for storing items like a toaster, blender or mixer. Lower countertop levels provide extra workspace closer to eye level.

Fold-Away/Murphy Bed

ADU kitchens with extremely limited space, a fold-away or Murphy bed

For ADU kitchens with extremely limited space, a fold-away or Murphy bed is an innovative solution for accommodating overnight guests or extra seating. The bed can be folded up and out of the way during the day to utilise the space for other purposes such as a table and chairs, countertop or storage cabinet. This versatile furniture piece adds valuable extra square footage when you need it.

With some clever design and the right storage solutions, small ADU kitchen spaces can be highly functional, organised and aesthetically pleasing. Making the most of all available space through maximising wall space, under-cabinet storage, multi-level countertops and fold-away furniture helps to keep a tiny kitchen feeling open, uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Multi-Functional Furniture to Maximize Your ADU Kitchen Space

To make the most of your ADU kitchen’s compact space, consider investing in multi-functional furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Folding Tables and Chairs

Folding furniture like tables, chairs, and stools can be stored when not in use to open up floor space. Look for high-quality pieces that are stable and durable. For mealtimes, set up a folding table and chairs. When entertaining, bring them out for extra seating. Fold and tuck them away when done.

Convertible Island Carts

Island carts with wheels or casters can be moved around as needed and used for food prep, dining, or storage. Some carts feature drop leaves that expand the surface area or hideaway storage underneath. An island cart used as a dining table or office desk can easily be rolled into a kitchen corner when not in use.

Built-In Benches

ADU kitchens with Built-In Benches - minimalist design

For casual seating, built-in benches are a great space-saving option. Benches tucked into an alcove or under windows provide extra seating without taking up lots of square footage. Some benches lift up to reveal hidden storage underneath for items like linens, books, or pantry goods.

All-in-One Appliances

Choose all-in-one appliances that serve multiple functions like a stovetop and oven in one unit or a freezer, refrigerator, and wine cooler combined. Stacked washer-dryers, dishwashers with built-in compacters, and microwave-range hood combinations are other options to consider. Multi-purpose appliances minimize the number of individual units needed, freeing up space.

With some creative solutions, a small ADU kitchen can function efficiently while still feeling open and uncluttered. Making the most of your limited space comes down to choosing furnishings and appliances that do double duty. Multi-functional pieces give you flexibility and keep your kitchen from feeling cramped.

Choosing Durable & Easy-to-Clean Materials for Your ADU Kitchen

When selecting materials for your ADU kitchen, durability and ease of cleaning should be top priorities. As an auxiliary unit, an ADU kitchen may experience high traffic and frequent use, so choosing finishes that can withstand daily wear and tear is important. For countertops, consider materials like quartz, granite, ceramic tile, or stainless steel, which resist scratches, stains, and damage. For cabinetry, opt for wood, laminate or metal options over less durable materials.


Quartz and granite countertops offer an attractive, high-end look while also being highly resistant to scratches, stains, and damage from hot items. Ceramic tile countertops provide a budget-friendly option that is also extremely durable and heat-resistant. Stainless steel countertops are virtually indestructible and naturally bacteria-resistant, though they can scratch more easily and show fingerprints. All of these options only require basic cleaning and maintenance to keep looking their best for years.


For cabinetry in an ADU kitchen, choose options specifically rated for high-traffic areas. Wood or laminate cabinets with a durable topcoat can withstand frequent use and wiping down. Stainless steel cabinets are naturally moisture-resistant and easy to clean but may dent or scratch more easily. Avoid less durable materials like particle board or MDF which can warp, scratch or stain over time with heavy use.


Select high-quality appliances specifically designed for rental units or light commercial use. These are built to handle increased run-times and more frequent cleaning. Stainless steel exteriors also resist damage and wipe down easily after each use. Look for Energy Star rated appliances to keep utility costs for your ADU under control.

By selecting highly durable yet low-maintenance materials and finishes for your ADU kitchen, you can create a space that will serve you well for years to come with minimal fuss. Your tenants or guests will surely appreciate a kitchen that continues to function optimally and look its best despite frequent use. Careful planning during the design process will pay off significantly in reduced operating and repair costs down the road.

Innovative ADU Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Open Concept Layout

An open concept ADU kitchen maximizes the limited space and creates a fluid transition between the cooking and living areas. Removing any existing walls opens up the room and provides more natural light. An open design also fosters interaction, allowing you to chat with family or guests as you cook.

Multi-Purpose Island

A kitchen island is ideal for an ADU, serving as both a prep space and eating area. Look for an island with built-in seating, cabinets, and drawers to provide storage and a place to tuck away stools when not in use. A stainless steel island on wheels offers flexibility, as you can easily move it around as needed.

Compact Appliances

Full-size ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, and dishwashers will overwhelm an ADU kitchen. Minimalist design

Full-size ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, and dishwashers will overwhelm an ADU kitchen. Opt instead for smaller options like an apartment-size fridge, a two-burner induction cooktop, and a countertop convection oven. A drawer-style dishwasher mounted under the counter saves space. These compact appliances will suit an ADU kitchen without compromising function.

Fold-Away Furniture

In a small ADU kitchen, every inch of space matters. Folding furniture like stools, chairs, and tables allow you to set up an eating area when needed but tuck them away when you want an open space. Wall-mounted drop-leaf tables are a great space-saving option. Look for furniture specifically designed for small kitchens and apartments to maximize versatility and functionality.

Dual-Purpose Furnishings

For an ADU, choose furnishings that serve more than one purpose. A butcher block island or cart can double as a prep space and casual dining area. Rolling storage carts store essentials but can also act as extra counter space. Look for a sofa or settee for the living area that incorporates hidden storage underneath for linens, accessories, and other items. Dual-purpose pieces help make the most of limited square footage in an ADU kitchen.


Having a well-designed ADU kitchen allows you to maximize the functionality of your space. With smart storage solutions, energy-efficient appliances, and creative layouts, your compact cooking area can be both beautiful and highly usable. This year, focus on selecting durable surfaces that are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Look for space-saving fixtures like slide-out shelves and corner cabinets. Consider an open concept to adjacent living areas to make the kitchen feel more expansive. With strategic planning and design, your ADU’s kitchen can be a functional, inviting environment that suits your lifestyle. Approach the process thoughtfully and intentionally to create a cooking space that truly meets your needs.  At Rhino Garage Conversion San Francisco, we can help you transform your space into a stunning and practical ADU kitchen tailored to your unique requirements.

FAQs about ADU kitchen ideas

What are the requirements for an ADU kitchen?

As an ADU is considered a separate dwelling unit, it must have a fully functioning kitchen to meet code requirements. This typically includes a sink, refrigerator, stovetop or oven, cabinets and counter space for food preparation. The kitchen does not need to be large, but should have adequate space for one or two people to comfortably cook meals.

What appliances should I include in an ADU kitchen?

For a small ADU kitchen, focus on essential appliances like:

Avoid large appliances like a full-size range or side-by-side refrigerator which can overwhelm a small kitchen. Stick to smaller alternatives that still allow for home-cooked meals.

How can I optimize storage in an ADU kitchen?

Storage is key in a small kitchen. Use space efficiently with:

With some creativity, you can have an ADU kitchen with all the essentials that still feels spacious and uncluttered. Focus on multipurpose and space-saving furnishings, and keep only the most useful appliances and tools. Your tenants will appreciate a kitchen optimized for small-space living.

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